Twin Block Appliance Instructions

Twin Block Appliance Instructions at Faces n Smiles Dental

The twin block appliance is frequently given at Faces n Smiles dental to children whose upper teeth are out and keep their mouth open while sitting normally and sleeping. The Twin block appliance is given to increase the growth of small lower jaw when children are seen at right age. His treatment is usually given between 10-12 years of age

1. The total duration of the appliance treatment is 6-8 months with full time wear (24 hrs). The Twin Block appliance is to be worn when eating, because this is when the jaw muscles are most active and makes the appliance work the best.
2. Wear the appliance regularly starting with 2 hours on Ist day and then increase the wear time by 2 hours everyday bringing it to 24 hours as soon as possible.

3. Ask the Child to practice the appliance wear and removal while sitting on a bed or mat with mirror kept in front for first few days. By this way, If it falls down, it will not hit the hard floor and will not break. This is the most common way children break the appliance. Do not wrap in paper napkins while having lunch in school or sitting in restaurants. Always keep it in mouth or in the box provided with this appliance. There would be mild discomfort, increased salivation, difficulty in speaking and eating for few initial days which would resolve with regular wear of the appliance.
4. There may be some ulceration in the mouth initially and may require some adjustment in the appliance.
5. There may be mild pain in the cheeks in the first few days due to the stretch of the muscles which would subside with the regular wear of the appliance.
6. Try to speak the words loudly while reading the books so as attain the normal speech.
7. Do not eat with the appliance for initial few days. After that, start taking semisolid food while wearing the appliance for 2-3 days and then switch to normal diet.
8. Avoid wearing the appliance during any sports activity.
9. Clean the appliance after every meal with wet cotton gauge or soft brush gently.
10. Always keep the appliance dipped in fresh water when it is out of the mouth.
11. Avoid hard and sticky foods.