Retainer Instructions at Faces n Smiles dental

Getting the Braces Off

Retainer Wear: Stage One

When you initially get your retainer, you will need to wear it day and night. You have to remove the retainer during brushing and eating anything. Also remove it while having hot liquids like coffee, tea, soups. Frequent cleaning of the retainer (every time you take it out for a meal) is very important. Clean them with normal temperature filtered water and cotton. Keeping your retainer clean is as imperative as keeping your teeth clean. Dirty retainers can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.
Additionally, Make sure you keep it in the container when you aren’t wearing it and keep it out of reach of pets. Finally, be sure to not leave it in a car on a warm day. The inside of the car will be much warmer than the temperature outside, and the heat can warp the plastic molding. The duration of stage one retainer wear varies individually and not same with everybody. At Faces n Smiles, we usually recommend day and night wear at least for one year.

Retainer Wear: Stage Two

Once we are satisfied with your teeth retaining their positions, you will be shifted, to simply sleep time-wear only. Consult your orthodontist at Faces n Smiles dental before shifting to stage two. A routine follow up every 4-6 months at Faces n Smiles is very important. Keep wearing the retainer during sleep for few years. Your fixed retainer will remain there in lower teeth for many years.

Retainer Wear: Stage Three and Beyond

Eventually, you have to wear your retainer only a few nights per week. However, you will need to do this on a permanent basis to retain your gorgeous Smile!

Tips for Retainer Success and Care

Follow your retainer schedule faithfully.
When retainers are not in mouth, they should always be in retainer case given to you at Faces n Smiles dental. Pets love to chew on them. Mostly, retainers are lost in school luchrooms or restaurants.
Always bring your retainers to your appointments.
Retainers are breakable and new ones are expensive… with proper care they will last for years.
Keep retainers away from hot water, pockets and napkins.