Extraction Instructions

Instructions after Tooth Extraction at Faces n Smiles Dental

DO NOT DISTURB THE AREA : For the next few days, and especially the first 24 hours, it is very important to allow your body to form a good clot and start the natural healing process. Swishing, sucking through a straw, and smoking can all dislodge the clot.

Immediate : Bite on cotton gauze pad firmly for 30-60 min. Remove the gauze pad. Have something cold. (Cup Ice cream is the best) and take first dose of prescribed medication. Take rest. The numbness of anesthesia will go off in 2-3 hours.

For First 24 Hours : Do not spit or rinse vigorously. Be sure to chew on the opposite side for 24 hours. Only cold things like juice cold coffee, milk shake, soft food at cold temperature for Ist 24 hrs after extraction. Avoid soft drinks and use of straw. Don’t use alcohol or smoke for at least 72 hrs as it slows healing. Smokers are at greater risk of developing a painful Dry Socket. Soft diet for Ist two days. Take pain medication as prescribed.

After 24 hours : Start taking hot and soft food after 24 hrs. Do warm saline rinses (3-4 times a day) for 3-4 days. Keep warm water with salt added around the wound for few seconds and spit. One full glass at one time. Spit out the warm water gently and not vigorously. Take pain medication as prescribed. Brush normally after 24 hrs and avoid touching the wound.

FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENTS : You may need to return to the office to have sutures removed after 1 week, or just for a brief follow-up healing check.