How we protect you:

At Faces n Smiles dental, we pay particular attention to general cleanliness, disinfection, sterilization and the use of protective clothing when needed. Our well trained staff maintains very high quality of sterilization meeting the international standards. We have a dedicated sterilization room.

Any instruments at that are not disposable are cleaned thoroughly using the latest ultrasonic cleaning baths are being disinfected.

Specific steps to control infection

At Faces n Smiles dental, all the instruments used in patient’s mouth are chemically cleaned with 70% alcohol. Then the instruments are subject to ultrasonic cleaning which further removes any stains or saliva or blood on the instruments. After removal from ultrasonic cleaner, the instruments to be sterilized are dried manually with cloth or wipes. The next step is to packaging the instruments in the sterilization pouches and sealed. Then all the instruments undergo steam sterilization process in High Class N and B autoclaves.

We protect you in many different ways including:

• Use of disposables, when possible.
• Thorough cleaning and/or sterilization of all instruments.
• Surface disinfection of contaminated surfaces.
• Care and maintenance of dental units.
• Gloves used by all staff members to prevent direct contamination.
• Protective eye wears are used.
• Approved disposal methods for contaminated waste.