Quality Policy

Our Quality policy is to provide a standard of service that consistently satisfies the needs and expectations of our patients. We achieve this level of quality through careful management in a safe and continually improving and comfortable environment.

At Faces n Smiles, we aim to achieve and maintain the highest quality of dental treatments by continuously upgrading our skills and expertise, regular staff trainings, upgradation of the equipments and techniques on a regular basis. We evaluate our practice through audit, peer review and patient feedback and monitor the effectiveness of our quality assurance procedures.

After visiting the Clinic, you will appreciate quality at every step of your treatment right from initial contact with the Clinic till the end of your treatments and follow up visits.

Once you reach our Clinic, it becomes our duty to educate you with general dental health maintenance, your regular dental checkups, dental health of kids, dental health at old age

Quality standards

Faces n Smiles dental has effective procedures for assuring and enhancing the quality of the services we provide for our patients.

• Provide a safe and welcoming environment.
• Sterilization is given the utmost importance at our Clinic.
• Ensure all members of the dental team are appropriately trained.
• Provide patient with information about the practice and the care available and ensure the patient understands the procedure and terms on which care is offered.
• Provide treatment plans customized for each patient and clearly explain the likely cost
• Obtain valid consent for different treatments.
• Maintain clinical records for all patients