Celebrity Smile

Smile is something we can always flaunt , anywhere anytime.

To be confident ,to show up your leadership skills you have to stand apart from others. Your everything should be admiring your skin, your hair and your smile.

For smile we are here to help you.

On your consultation day we will shoot some of your natural smile photographs ,we will take impressions of your teeth

Then after analyzing your photos and models the best treatment plan will be designed.

Let’s start the journey

Teeth whitening: If you feel that the colour of your teeth is not acceptable you can go for dental bleaching or teeth whitening. It will improve the shade by two grades and last for a number of years. Just get a touch up done after few years.

Single tooth discolorations: In case of single tooth malformations single tooth direct or indirect veneer can be done

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Multiple discolorations: In case of multiple defects or imperfections direct or indirect veneers can be done