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Adult Orthodontics Treatment


Adult Orthodontics Treatment


Adult Orthodontics Treatment

Ceramic veneers

These are thin ceramic shells made just for your teeth and cemented with them with a dental cement. With the help of veneers we are able to give you a much youthful smile which may come on one of those flashy magazines also. Veneers can hide white spots, brown spots, can close spaces and can be used to change the shape and size of the teeth.


Veneers can be


Direct : which are done chairside in office using direct restorative materials


Indirect : in which after some modification of the tooth structure your impression is taken it is send to the lab and the lab person designs thin shells as per information given by us. These are beautiful custom made shells designed especially for you. Because of the additional work of lab and superior quality material the cost is higher than the direct veneers.


You certainly don’t want any of your restoration to look like a restoration, they should like your own  teeth, so to have a life like restoration always search for an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry affiliated member. They are highly trained cosmetic dentists who are educated in best of the ways so that they can give their patients nothing but the best!



  • Do you have yellow or brown patches on your front teeth?
  • Veneers is the solution to these problems.
  • Do you have abnormal shape of your front teeth which is affecting your smile?
  • This is a thin layer of porcelain or plastic placed over the teeth so as to improve the surface, alignment or to just protect the teeth from damage.
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