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Tips for Making Orthodontic Treatment More Affordable

For many people considering braces treatment for themselves or their children, cost can be a concerning factor.  Understandably, it’s the first thing parents want to know – how much does braces treatment actually cost? Without an initial consultation, however, it’s near impossible to determine the cost of braces treatment as each case differs from one to the next and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ price.

However, your or your child’s oral health is too important to not pursue proper orthodontic care when needed.  Crooked teeth are a haven for food particles because they are more difficult to brush properly, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Eventually foul odour and pale teeth start bothering us.

Crooked teeth limits us from showing our best, for lasting impressions we need to have best smile. Kids self esteem build up starts at very early tender age gifting them a better smile will keep them one worry less!

If money is really an obstacle to receiving orthodontic care, don’t give up hope. There are options out there for you that can help make braces more affordable, and at Faces n Smiles we work hard to help make treatment it as budget-friendly as possible for our patients.

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Here are some tips for making orthodontic treatment more affordable:

1 – Skilled Orthodontist is must for your teeth

You might be tempted to go with the cheaper treatment offered by an orthodontist even if he/she is not the most skilled or experienced. But by cutting corners now you are putting yourself at risk for future complications.  If you need to do treatment more than once due to improper care, you will end up paying more in the long run. Typically, you get what you pay for, so always do your research for the quality of treatment. Never get braces treatment from a general dentist

2 – Check on your Dental Treatment Coverage by your Office

Many Indian Govt offices offer some reimbursements for your dental and braces treatment. At Faces n Smiles we don’t hesitate to give you full prescriptions duly stamped as required by the govt offices for reimbursement. We see lot of patients from Banks and telecom agencies who get the treatment charges refunded fully or partially.

3 – Never get telephonic consultations

Many patients try to get consultations on phone and ask for charges of treatment. How is this possible without seeing the condition of teeth and duration of treatment. You must go for first consultation and know what actually are you paying for.

4 – Research Payment Options

Orthodontists typically offer multiple financing options for their treatment.  At Faces n Smiles we offer interest-free instalments for braces treatment. This way monthly payments are set up for the duration of treatment to make the cost more manageable for your budget.

5 – Ask about Special Discounts

Sometimes a multiple family member discount is offered, or a discount is offered for paying for the treatment in full. So don’t be afraid to ask.

6 – Wear your RETAINERS

Teeth over time will have a tendency to shift back to their original position and the best way to prevent that is to wear retainers after the braces come off.  Wear retainers as instructed by the doctor to maintain your new smile for lifelong. Only an Orthodontist can decide what is right duration of wearing retainer and type of retainer required.

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In conclusion, always do your research when deciding on an orthodontist for your or your child’s orthodontic treatment.  Choose an orthodontist  whom you feel comfortable with and who is skilled enough to treat your kids.

At Faces n Smiles we aim to work with each patient individually and ensure that their treatment is comfortably within their budget. Ultimately, we aim to give you the value for the cost you spend on treatment.