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Bride and Groom Smile Makeover

Hey guys it’s time to pamper yourself, you have been working so hard now it’s the time to sit back and relax, let us do the talking!

There are quite more reasons than you think to get a dental checkup done before the D day, you need to smell good, feel fresh and carry a brilliant eye-catching smile. The whole world is looking at you, your face and your graceful smile.

So here are some tips and advices…. keep reading

Get that yellow and brown stains removed by ultrasonic professional dental cleaning. You can keep organic mouth fresheners and some non-sweetened chewing gums to keep the mouth fresh.

Get your teeth in right shape and position this helps in keeping them clean better and of course it makes your smile a celebrity smile. you can opt for veneers, invisible braces, Invisalign…. there are many more options.

Get your teeth whiten if you feel the color is not uniform

The newer products available are very safe and the effect also lasts long.

So, what are you waiting for, pack up your bags and visit us at Faces N Smiles, Chandigarh’s best smile makeover clinic.